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Lerboh organizes an event.There are too many people who do not have the necessary budget to play decently. That is the biggest reason why you lose in a casino, too little budget. That’s why I organize an event, let’s create a budget together. For example, if I get a budget of at least 100 euros from 20 people, we have a budget of 2000 euros. I put that money on an account that I play with. Let us say that it grows to 10000 euros in about 2 weeks. Then together you have made a profit of 8000 euros. For my time and expenses, I ask 25% of the profit that has been made. 8000 euro profit minus 25% is 6000 euro. Together you have therefore made 6000 euros profit. If you divide that 6000 by 20 participants you have each made 300 euros profit. So every person who wagers 100 euros gets 400 euros back. The minimum stake to participate is 100 euros, the maximum amount is 500 euros. From the day the event starts, I publish daily the result and the current balance

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